About us

Welcome to Crafts and Company! My name is Caitlin Detzel and I am the Owner and Creator of Crafts and Company LLC. Crafting has always been something I’ve enjoyed but it became a real passion for me since having kids. I’ve loved making custom pieces for my home and especially for fun kids’ projects.

As an at-home parent of two, I started to wonder what I might do when my daughters started school full time. After doing some personal crafting projects, and not wanting to return to the corporate world, I realized I could just as easily help my friends and family make custom projects too. That’s when Crafts and Company was born!

Crafts and Company provides a unique opportunity for clients to host an event with the company of their choosing, from the comfort of their home, while providing the experience of a crafting studio.

Our Mission & Vision 

Our goal is to enable our hosts and their company, no matter their experience or skill set, to make their own custom craft projects from the comfort of their home. Through the use of a unique stenciling technique and coaching from our own experience, guests are able to take home a finished craft project they’re proud of.